She Must Be Count Weirdly’s Aunt Or Something.

They want me to tell them things. They whisper to me. They are somewhere outside, but they’ll stay outside oh yes, while I’m safe in here. They can’t get at me. No. I’ll stay here and wait and they’ll all be mine soon enough.

“So what’m I lookin at here?”

Apparently the Lizard and Raccoon were going as an Incubus and a Naked Bandito, respectively.

There’s the first voice again. It doesn’t have a name. Maybe it wants mine? No, it can’t have it, it’s my name! Mine!

“A Jane Doe, age unknown cause nobody wants to get a good look at her.”

“Might I point out that per regulations we ought not to be having this conversation where we can be heard by the suspect?”

“If you’d brought her in, and if you’d spent the last hour and half with her, you’d know we aren’t. She’s got no idea where she is.”

“And what’s she doing here?”

“Kids were out getting their treats, then got home and started having hallucinations. There’s four in the hospital convinced they’ve turned into other animals.”

Their words are meaningless. This place is meaningless. I have to get out, I have to escape! Get my power back! Get back to my place of power, where I am strong. I’ll make them all pay. They’ll pay. They’ll pay for this when they are mine!

“You think she did it?”

The first voice is trying to peel back my disguises, see how perfect and powerful I really am. It can’t. It’s too blind. I should turn it into a toad or, no a Wolf! Let it whine and whimper as it flees from me, but I go everywhere, and it will be mine!

“Well, we found four pounds of different hallucinogens, a jar of water on the stove with a whole slew of nasty dissolved in it, and a hypodermic full of the stuff. The end of the needle had caramel on it.”

“Yeah, an she wuz shreikin bout how she wuz all powahful an stuf, an how her servants frum undah da oit would seize us an how does who wuz in her power would sieze us an den we’d join em when her powah seized us. Guess dere’s lotta seizin goin on.”

A new voice. These two together, they are familiar. My beautiful masters have whispered of them in the secret places of the night. My masters desire these two. Perhaps I will deliver them as lowly beasts, for my masters to humiliate. What bliss will be mine.

“Like Max said, she doesn’t make any sense and she doesn’t seem to hear anything you say. Have fun interrogatin this one, Lupo.”

The first voice thinks he’s so smart. I’ll make him a fox. See how smart he is then.

“Yah, enjoy yer date!”

This one will be a rat.

There is a noise like a door opening, but that’s just another trick of the voices. I can feel the second voice coming closer. I will tell him nothing. I will just sit and wait.

They will all be mine.

The Final Word.


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