With Kung Fu Grip.

“All right, what did you drag me here…. for?”

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New! Just in time for Christmas! Action Super Action Slylock Super Action Figure!


Slylock faces off against Count Weirdly!

‘Just like real!’

Fully posable! Make them do battle! Act out your favorite scenes!

Slylock Fox comes with removable hat, magnifying glass, bottle of bourbon, and action squatting! Max Mouse comes with yellow AND pink! Count Weirdly comes with TopHat, action Chucks, and removable gas helmet!


And Now, introducing the Count Weirdly’s Lab Playset! Can Slylock stop the fiendish experiment in time? Will Max do something, ever? Will Count Weirdly triumph? Featuring the slime pit, slime barrel with real pouring, and two Weirdly Creatures(tm) figures!

‘Now I can Collect them All!’


I stand there for a minute and a half, just blinking at the screen.

“You made… action figures… of me?”

Y-y-yep. And it’s g-gonna m-make me rich!

“You CAN’T!”

W-hy n-not?

I splutter for a minute. I feel like I’m riding a bicycle in gravel, and the wheels are just spinning and digging the ground out from under me. “If this… EVER got out… my reputation. I would never live this down.”

Max coughs.

“That had better not have meant anything.”

Well, ya know, Sly. S’not always eazy ta get by on what a policeman makes. So I, uh, kinda did da kids lines in dere.


No bid deal, right?

“You didn’t tell anyone, did you?”

Oh no.


But Lupo did da rest of the lines, an he mighta.


He said he really enjoyed it.

“Max, you had better have something really amazing up your sleeve, or I’m gonna need a new sidekick.”

Count Weirdly said he wuz gonna give you a cut o’ da profits?


W-well, y-y-yes. It’s only f-fair.



“Make my figure more buff, and I’ll take it.”

The Final Word.


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