Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Take a Taxicab.

With Special Guest Star Yakov Smirnov as the Cabbie.

“You’re what?”

Am deaf, yes? Please to making the room, other customers, yes?

“How can you be deaf? They don’t license deaf people to drive!”

I can please not hear you, yes! Please to pay now?
“I already paid! You haven’t given me my change yet!”

The hearing is not, yes! 

“Alright then, Helen Keller, how’d you know I wanted to go to the airport?”

It was written on your luggage in braile. Yes.

“First I don’t have any luggage, second, how did you hear what I just said?”

Um… no hable ingles?

“Trying to scam a policeman is a really bad idea.”

Fine. Take your change, filthy capitalist.

I watch the rabbits get in and the cab pull away. I’m counting in my head as it pulls out of sight. Those two are notorious drug traffickers, but we’ve got no evidence. Until now.

“Everything clear, Max?”

Yah Sly, crackles the wire, s’cramped in here, though.

“Stay quiet, then. Keep under the blanket until you get back to the depot, and then get me the tape. Good to know the staged argument worked.”

Jus don’ let em ice me.

I switch off the wire. “Can’t exactly help that now, Max. You’re on your own.”

The Final Word.


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