They Must Broadcast This On The Fox Network.

“So what’s the problem this time?”

One of the lights, shorted right the hell out. The big ones, with the venetian blinds drawn on them. It would have made you look fantastic and made me look invisible, as usual.

“You’re the one who took the role as the dim sidekick.”

It’s not my fault I’m a mouse! I like what I am! I am what I am-

“and that’s all what you am, yer Popeye da sailor man. Toot-toot.”

Ugh. Don’t even joke about that.

“I should just give up trying to figure out how your mind works, shouldn’t I?”

No, not that! Please! Not that! Anything but metatextuality!

“Why can’t we just go ahead?”

With no light? Film Noir isn’t meant to be taken literally, you know.

“Well, it’d beat just sitting here. How long is it gonna take to fix, did they say?”

You know them. Hours, at least.

“Then we might as well get something to eat.”

No thanks, I’m watching my figure. You gain weight so much faster when you’re short. Besides, the cast of that retro action flick will be in there, it’ll be bedlam.

“I could do some big game hunting.”

Oh, cut out miming like you’re cocking a rifle! You know how much the specist jokes bug me, even if they are just for atmosphere.

“Oh, go annoy the crew.”

I was going to anyway.

The Final Word.


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