A Perfectly Healthy Decorative Scheme.

Slylock’s superpower is the supernatural strength of his tail.

I wouldn’t want you to think this was my idea.

They put up the posters, and the ads, and probably some kind of commemorative glasses. And each one is watching me. All the time. Staring into my soul.

I didn’t use to realize it was a real person. I thought maybe they’d made him up, just to put a happy face on all their secret operations for the sheep. And to watch me. Maybe the other way around, to watch me and then to keep on a happy face.

But one day I saw him. It changed my life. I said to myself: here. This guy has been watching me all my life, right? He’s seen me do everything. But he doesn’t really know me. For all I’ve told his poster in the dark nights when I was scared as a boy, the him that walks around and breathes and bleeds like all the rest of us, he doesn’t know me.

And that’s not fair. It’s not fair how he can see me and not know me. It’s not fair how I know him, but can’t see him.

It’s not his fault. But it’s still not fair.

So I’m watching him. So I’m writing out what I want to say when I call him.

Then everything will be fair.

The Final Word.


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