He Even Stutters In His Internal Monologue.

They s-s-say I’m b-boring! B-b-boring! M-me! The m-most m-menacing rouge in this whole r-ridiculous f-f-furry f-fetishists excuse for a c-crime drama!

I’m way m-more of a threat than some monkey d-d-dressed as a p-pimp!

I’ve inf-fested the c-c-countryside with my p-p-peanut-butter flavored s-snake mutants!

I tricked the p-p-police with m-my devious cheesebomb!

I h-have psychic powers, t-t-too!

I turned S-slylock into an eggp-p-plant! F-for r-r-real!

W-w-who made a f-fiendish w-weather device t-t-t- uh… wh-what was I g-going to d-do with th-that again? I forget.

B-but I’ll sh-show them! I’ll sh-show them all!

I hope he pronounces “the shivers” in a monster-track-rally brand echo chamber.

I’ll g-give M-max… THE SHIVERS!

Hehehehe, and w-what are THE SHIVERS, y-you ask? Th-they are a force th-that kn-knows n-n-neither friend nor f-foe! They are unst-t-toppable! THE SHIVERS w-w-will overwhelm all, and only I! I! c-can control their m-m-might!

Once M-max has THE SHIVERS he will be h-helpless to resist me! S-slylock will kn-n-neel before my power! And he can’t rescue him, either! I h-h-have placed up-pon the door a c-cunningly crafted decoy lock, that seems to require a key, but can in r-reality only b-be opened with a c-crowbar!

Oh, there’s m-my watch alarm! T-t-time to go g-gloat over my t-triumph!

What the?

“No, Max, it’s called the first law of thermodynamics.”

Well, he musta broke dat one too! S’high time we arrested dat punk!

“Oh, speak of the weirdo!”

H-how did you escape?! It should h-have b-been your d-d-d-doom!

Yeah, I wuz real scared of bein in a room wit a fridge! Oh, an yer outa cheese.

y-you ate my ch-cheese!

I wuz hungry!

“C’mon. We can fight this out on the way to the station.”


“Whoa! How’d you do that echo thing with your voice?”

The Final Word.


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