Rampage: The Movie. Coming This Summer.

How could you have gotten away from us?!

SHUT UP Rodney!

But our plan was PERFECT! How could you have escaped?!

“You should be listening to your friend. We meant what we said when we told you anything you said would be used against you.”

Starring John Jameson as Ralph, Jim Morrison as Lizzie, and Donkey Kong as George.

“If you really have to know, though-”

Cuz ya never passes up an oppertoonity ta gloat after you solve da case. Max mutters.

“Ahem. You made three mistakes. First, you tried to cover an entire multiplex with only three guys. Honestly, three people isn’t enough to cover just the front entrance. Second, you spent all your personal on covering the exits, and didn’t have anyone left over to come into the theater and subdue me or make any demands or anything. And third, you watched me walk out of your cunning trap without doing anything to stop me.”

You ducked under the velvet ropes! Everyone knows you can’t cross the velvet ropes!

“So I thought you three could use an object lesson in how to capture someone. Next time, maybe you’ll do a better job.”

But just to rub their noses in it, I make sure I drape one of those velvet ropes across the back of the truck.

Some days, I love my job.

The Final Word.


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