You Can’t Hide Your Lion Eyes.

Well well well. Look who it is. Just look who it is! Just LOOK at WHO we have HERE!

And your SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIILE is a thin disguise.

Who is it, daddy?

Gykk… gyuhh!

This is a very silly man who used to work for your father, Celeste! Say hello to my lovely daughter, you worthless scumbag.

Gnn… choking…

Of course you’re choking, I’m strangling you.


That lion makes silly noises, Daddy.

How right you are, precious. Now you run along while your dad takes care of some business.

‘K. Can we go to the park on the way home?

We’ll see.

Daaaaddy! That means ‘no.’

If you’re good, then.

…help me… please…

Now that we have a little privacy, let’s you and me talk business, shall we.

Guhh! …hufff…. huhhh… hunhh…

You and me, we did good work together. Made a lot of money. But people are never contented, are they? They never can resist rocking the boat.

You… made me do… sick things.

I don’t recall you bringing up any objections at the time.

You… kept me locked up.

That is what people tend to do with their property, yes.

…you’re a sick, twisted bastard.

I’m just a businessman trying to provide for his family. You’re just another obstacle in my way, and nowhere near the biggest.

So it’s back to the smut grind, huh?

Well, that is a question, isn’t it?

Guh… what.. yer chokin me… gain…

Well, it seemed to be working before.

Ck… chahhh… aah!

You can gripe all you want about how you got your liberties and your dreams and nobody can steal them and it’s all hot air. There’s nothing to disguise, and nothing changes. You were scum then, and you’re scum now. You oughta have realized that before you tried to break with me, but there’s no telling some people, I guess.


and Thank You.

Daddy? Are you done with your business?

Sure am, pumpkin. Were you good while daddy was busy?

Uh huh. Can we go to the park now?

Sure we can, Celeste.

Yay! That lion-man isn’t coming is he? I didn’t like him.

Don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again.


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