I Missed Me Too.

“I hope you’ve got time to deal with a couple of passive-aggressive public lewdness cases. Cause I’m dumping em on you.”

Lupo’s figured out a way to give me a pained look without looking up. I’m impressed. I see you are back.

“That’d be why I’m standing in your office. Incidently, you have an office now?”

I dealt with a number of cases in your absence. I was promoted.

“Wow, so now you have a REASON for your hostility. This may take some getting used to.”

He finally looks up, with a look on his face like the taste of chewing on a seatbelt. You said something about a case.

I Maintain That There Are In Fact Many Other Ways To Draw An 'An Icky Encounter.'

“Right, well, you know we’ve been pulling surveilance on a suspected connection to a kidnapping ring, at his beachhouse?”

I don’t make a habit of aquainting myself with the details of other people’s business.

“You’d make a horrible survelielance officer, then.”

By that I meant their cases.

That’s one point for me. “Right, well, my cover of the day was that Max’n myself were doing one of those ‘community outrun’ deals. Wandering around the beach cleaning up the paper plates that’d only decay anyway to look all freindly and vote-getting for the papers.” If I’m guessing right, that’ll be second point-

Yeah, he’s bristling. Lupo has his eye on some elected position himself someday, it seems. Two-nothing. That is perhaps the worst method of conducting surveilance that I have ever heard of. For one thing, you would be in uniform. Standard procedure is to aviod the subject’s learning that he is the object of surveilence.

“Yeah, well, that hadn’t been working, and in the meantime a dog got kidnapped, with the same MO, and it aint like there’s a bat in a silly costume ready to swoop down and snatch him outa the net. So I figured we might as well see what happens if we rattle the perp’s cage. Maybe he panics and makes a mistake.”

Is there any chance you’re going to get to the case you mentioned sometime today?

“Long story short, I’m in the middle of watching the suspect, donkey, by the way, getting out of his speedboat, when suddenly there’s a spat going on all around me. Couple small-time prostitutes, been picked up for feuding over the same beat. Apparently they got pissed off enough to make some ridiculous story and take it to the cops,” I grin world-wearily, “And I was the first one they saw.”

Which wouldn’t have happened if you had been doing the surveillence according to-

“Anyway, cheif wants me to stay on surveilance. Thinks the kidnapping case is more important than a couple, ahem, ladies of ill repute.”

The cheif knows perfectly well that I’ve got more important work to do as well, Lupo growls.

The score is two to one, and I wind up for the big one. “Like dealing with the publicity crash that the pictures of two prostitiues screaming at a uniformed officer at a charitable event is?” He blinks at me. “Cause that was the other thing he said to ask you to handle.” Wow. Sure has an angry blink. “You can talk with him about it, if you want.”

His voice has exactly the same timbre and pitch as the sound of his chair scraping back across the linoleum as he stands up. I will.

I win, three points to one. “Nice to see you again too,” I say to his back disapearing down the hall.


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