D’Ursino’s Corner Store.

Awright-a Porcini, you’ve hadda enough!

Those Haggis Patties(tm) don't pay for themselves, you know.

Those Haggis Patties(tm) don't pay for themselves, you know.

Ey, da sign sez dey free! So I’ze samplin em, see?

You no-good-a hooligan! If-a your fadder could-a only have-a lived to see you!

Aw go boil yer salami! I’m eatin here, see?

You drive-a me outa my business! What am I gonna give-a my customers?

Pfft, like any ones a dem’ll wanna eat dis stuff!

You notta careful, I calla da cops on you! Den, den maybe we see how the water, she goes!

Shure, da cops’ll come right on down, dey got a squad dedicated just ta calls a people eatin’ all da free samples! Feh, ya ain’t gonna call da cops, you don’ wanna them find out bout da stuff ya keep stashed in da back room.

You threaten-a me?!

I aint threatnin yas, boss, I’ze jes sayin… lay off, huh?

If I did notta owe your fadder in-a heaven my whole life in dis country-

Yeah yeah, we bot’ know I runs dis place bettah you could, see? So lay off.

Hmmph. Al tornar de la mente, che si chiuse dinanzi a la pietà d’i due cognati-

Whatevah. Hand me mah apron, some-a us gotta back to woik.


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