This Is Why I Usually Have Slylock Narrate.

Ok, D-d-don’t p-p-p-p- uh, f-freak out.
It’s j-just a press c-conference, y-you’ve d-done these before, W-weirdly!
You’ve been planning this f-for ages. It’s y-y-your b-big day, Weirdly, now don’t sc-screw it up!
WHO are the overlords of the UFO?

WHO are the overlords of the UFO?

Count Weirdly looks surprised to see I’m already here.

C-crap h-h-he’s alreadt H-HERE k-keep it tog-g-gether.

Maybe I ought to have a word with him. That photo is the most obviously fake ever.

J-just s-stick t-t-t-to the script.

I mean, I’m almost starting to be embarressed for the guy.

C-c’mon detective say it! I c-c-can’t do this without y-you-

Yeah, I should nip this in the bud right now. “Count? Is there something you want to tell us?”

“W-w-whatta you m-mean, detective?”

“About how your photograph is fake? Cause it pretty clearly is. Sorry”

“I’m glad you said that, because I’d like to take this opportunity to unveil my new fake-photograph technology!”


“Wh-what do you think, D-detective?”

“I think I’m leaving.”

Darn. I hurt his feelings.

Good one, Weirdly.


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