The Backyard Fence.

Heya, Rocky!

I told you not to call me Rocky in this town!

Awright awright, calm down! If I can’t call you Rocky Jones, what’m I s’posed to call you?

Here I’m Red Jim.

Whatever. You got the piece or not?

They're twice as bloodthirsty as Canibules! And wilder than Animules, oh wait.

They're twice as bloodthirsty as Cannibals! And wilder than animals-oh wait.

I got the artillery if you got the cash, oughta know that by now.

Man, you got us screwed both ways, don’t you? We pull a job, and you give us chickenfeed-

Hey, that rooster was real glad to get it!

-and then when somebody comes along an needs something, suddenly it’s worth somethin?

Petey, my old friend, you have just described the basis of the noble and timme honored calling of the fence. Now you need what I’m selling or not?

Fine, fine. You know, you should watch your stripey tail, uh… what’re you in this town again?

Red Jim.

Yeah, that. They say there’s a pretty harsh gumshoe around here.

You let me worry about that, you worry about handing over the dough.

I dunno… maybe if somebody feels like he’s not gettin quite a fair deal, he might accidently let slip to a certain fox detective that Red Jim and Rocky Jones and Reggie Jehosaphat and whoever else, they’re all the same person-

You are on thin ice Petey.

So’re you.

Fine, fine, you can have the gun if you just get out. But you ain’t welcome here no more.

C’mon Jimmy, did having to compromise just once really hurt that much?

Shut up.

Fine! Just gimme the gun and you’ll never see me again!

I know.

The Final Word.

In other news, the body of a lapine male, in his late thirties, was discovered hidden in a drainage ditch this afternoon. Police have tentatively identified him as Peter “Petey” Adams, a small time theif and pickpocket. Cause of death appears to be gunshot wounds to the face and chest. Police say they are looking for suspects…


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