Don’t Eat At FOODGAS.

Nuhuh, I’m teelin yas Sly, I did calcalations!

“This just says ‘He’s totally tryins ta scroo us outa da treasures'”

Das da wrong sheet, hangon.

“Ok, ‘two hunnert feet below da sea? I dun see no sea, see?'”

Pretty witty, huh?

Nilla Wafers of the Conquistadores!

Nilla Wafers of the Conquistadores!

“Max, three things: One, this isn’t Treasure of the Sierra Madre. This a History Channel documentary. And Buford Bear is not a claim jumper, he’s a host. I’m here because I did my criminology thesis on gold convoy robberies in the American Southwest during the Spanish occupation, and I’m famous, so I get interviewed.”

I din’t know dat.

“You not knowing something is hardly news. And you’re here because I’m apparently insane and decided to bring you along. Two, he said below sea LEVEL, not below the SEA. I won’t bother trying to explain that one.”

He scratches the back of his neck. Yeah, thas… probly a good idea, actually.

“And three-”


“Shut up Max.”


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