So, Are There Two Sir Hounds, Or is He a Shapeshifter, or What is Going On Here?

So I’s Guess I shoulds untie dah mook?

“Uh huh.”

Sly, you are bein uncharacteristically unhelpful.


His Coat of Arms is different too: short Sir Hound's is a crown quartered with a Disco Horse, while tall Sir Hound's is Dagwood's Hair, Azure and Vert, Quartered with TV Static, Tiene and Gules.

There’s a long silence.

Right, if da boss ain’t gonna do this investigation… uh… who did it?

Why, it was the thief, surely!

An where can I find dis ‘dah theef’ character?

“Never mind that, Max. We can get fingerprints form the bottle of cleaner, what’s important is: aren’t you supposed to be short and fat?”

I say, what, what what?

“Just yesterday, we came because you had some stamps stolen, except you were at a different address, were about the same height as Max, and had a completely different mustache.”

What on earth are you talking about? I certainly didn’t see you yesterday!

“Yeah, that’s kinda the point I’m trying to make, here, Weegee.”

Mebee dey’re like secret agents or sumfin, and like take eacother’s places in case sumfin goew wrong wit da mission?

“Possible. But I doubt that body doubles who look absolutely nothing like eachother would be very useful.” Why is he just staring into space like that? “Could be there’s two branches of the same family? One is descended from an illegitimate son or something like that, in the middle ages. Would explain why they don’t seem to know about eachother, if when the split happened each family branch refused to acknowledge the existence of the other.”

Gentlemen, I rather think the apprehension of the person who broke into my house-

“Shuttup. I’m being uncharacteristically unhelpful.”



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