Everyone Already Knew That Slylock Was The Man.

“Five whole blocks?”

Not complete coverage, obviously, Lupo pops another stick of gum into his cheek. Just when you think that a guy can’t get any more annoying, he gives up smoking and decides he’s even more better than everybody else. But close. Outside those five blocks the posters are more thinly scattered.

Slylock invites you to gaze into his magic mirror, apparently.

“Please tell me that they didn’t give me the case.”

Once I was… persuaded that you were not to be considered a suspect, yes, the chief passed the case to you.

“Me? I’m hurt, Lupo. I love to look at my face as much as the next guy, but I just don’t have the time!”

Yet you appear to have the time to crack infantile jokes, instead of going over the case details!

Ugh. He has no sense of humor. “So tell me said details then.”

As I said, the posters appeared overnight, most heavily in an area roughly five blocks in size. While some were captioned ‘OBEY’ or accused you of being ‘the man’ and said you were ‘watching’–one, even had some nonsense about a magic mirror–most were without text of any kind.

“Not to be the fly in your beef stroganoff,” Hopefully that’ll be offensive to people from whatever country he’s from, “but why is this even a case? It’s some posters. Let the landlord whitewash over em and call it a day.”

Not to tell you your business, detective, and that sounded like it was meant to be offensive to people who are me, but some of us, perhaps the chief, become uneasy when the image of the most widely recognized face of the city’s police force is appropriated by unknown parties for unknown purposes.

I open my mouth for something really witty, but he cuts me off, No more wisecracks. Just get out there and close this.



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