In All Honesty, I Spent Over Two Hours Just Looking At This And Saying ‘What? What?’

So what’re we lukin at here.

“Would that I knew, Max, would that I knew.”


See cuz it luks to me like we’re lukin at two cowboys what has been hypniotoized by count Weirdly’s insidious violin playin an so dey’s dancin wit wild abandon an also they have really weird lookin faces for some reason an dere’s a mystic word on da blackboard over dere, i guess dat might have something to do with it?

“I… really don’t think I can come up with a more concise summation, so kudos.”

So what do we do?

“We walk away. Whatever is going on here, I don’t want to get any on me.”

This is the day, you can look back and tell your kids, that Count Weirdly became an Act of God. A natural disaster. Something you don’t try to arrest, you just get out of the way.

I’m sure tomorrow he’ll be back to throwing ditchwater at people. I’ll bust him then.


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